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Custom Formulations

Delivering best of class high performance solutions with custom formulations of polymers is a core competence of Chiao Ying Rubber. If it does not exist today, the Company can formulate it tomorrow. The Company's expertise in handling and knowledge of base ingredients and additives such as catalysts, plasticizers and fillers, provides our customers with the elastomer features needed to meet their specification and/ or process.

We currently produces components in a wide range of rubber types, and is constantly developing new formulations to widen the scope of application for our customers. Data sheets are available for our fully developed rubber types; please contact our technical and sales team for more information.

Mixed Rubber

Chiao Ying Rubber mixes rubber for its own use and for sale to other companies that mold or extrude rubber. We can mix a customer's own formula or develop a formula that meets a customer's exact specifications.

Our mixing operation in the in-house mixing lines. Recipes and mixing parameters are strictly controlled, enabling us to provide excellent batch-to-batch consistency.

Material can be colored and catalyzed from bases or developed from Silicone gum or organic elastomers.
Rubber Formulations are available in all durometers and colors and can be packaged to meet each customer's processing requirements.