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From concept and design to full production, the Chiao Ying Rubber advantage is a "Start to Finish" solution.
It starts with understanding the customer's need and what the solution must do.
Applying technology, innovation and know how to customer needs. Providing exceptional customer service and responsive pre and post sales support.

Chiao Ying Rubber is a leader in providing OEM customers with a "Start to Finish" solution for all of their molded rubber and related needs including custom molded rubber components to customer design and specifications, standard and custom molded O-rings and seals, and custom rubber to metal bonded components. Chiao Ying Rubber solutions are helping our customers sustain a competitive advantage in many industries and applications.
Through thirty-plus years of working on industry specific applications, Chiao Ying Rubber has developed custom molded rubber expertise within the following industries and processes (see table):

* Injection Molding
* Compression Molding
* Liquid Injection Molding (LIM)
* Transfer Molding
* Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
* Extrusion Molding

Industries served, our products are widely used in various industries which includes the following
* Electronics
* Business Machine
* Machines/ Systems
* Automotive
* Building & Construction
* Medical Equipment

Products & capabilities
* Custom Formulations
* Molding Rubber Parts
* Liquid Silicone Rubber Components
* Molding Fabrication
* Rubber Rollers
* Extrusion Profile
* Others

When customers come to Chiao Ying Rubber for custom manufactured elastomer and rubber solutions, they know their component or part will be application specific, precision engineered with high quality and will address their needs with a best of class solution.