1971 Chiao Ying Rubber Co., Ltd. was established in
1971. Chiao Ying manufactures and sells verious
type of custom-built rubber component for
electronic industry applications in the initial stage.
1974                           In order to further improve the
                          quality of our product and be
                          able to meet the needs of our
                          customer. Chiao Ying
set up the
R&D Dept. in 1974 for design and
                          testing material formulations.
1975 Started selling compounded material to
local rubber molders.
1977                                     Development commenced
rubber products for

1978 Manufacturing commenced of industrial use rubber products.
1980 Development commenced of conductive silicone rubber key pad for telephone and calculator.
1981 Chiao Ying's products were sold internal and oversea market with high evaluation; products export to USA, Europe, and Southeastern Asia.
1982 Set up a new Dept. for
producing rubber continuity
extrusion strip, tube, cord,

1984 Development technology in producing CR Form, NBR Form rubber.
1985 Capital increased to US$600,000.00
1986                              Set up press cutting Dept. for producing  
rubber foot w/ self-adhesive tape.


1988 Development commenced of rubber roller products for OA equipments application.
1990 New purchased the mass-producing equipment in 1990 --- 2 sets of injection machine for producing some rubber parts in material of TPU, PU, TPR, SANTOPRENE, etc.
1995 New purchased the mass-produce equipment in 1995 --- 1 set of rubber injection machine for producing special rubber parts.
1997 Development commenced of sponger roller for copier & printer.
1999 Development Silicone rubber damper for CD-ROM or DVD use.
2000 Development Silicone thermal pad for electronic industry application.
2002 New purchased the produce equipment in 2002 --- 2 sets of Oil Press machines (4 units), and increased producing capability about 15%.
2004 Liquid Silicone rubber injection molding machine equipped. (LSR)
2007 The space of original factory was no longer suits, due to Chiao Ying's business expanded continuously. Therefore, Chiao Ying moved to a new factory and increased its employees and equipments.............
2008 The construction of the new office building completed.
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