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We have well developed manufacturing facilities, which help us to design and develop our products.
The latest facilities assist us to efficiently surpass our clients' expectations then to product a variety of rubber parts.

We have equipped the following manufacturing facilities in our plant, included:

* Latest Compounding/ Mixing Facilities
* Dispersion Kneadw
* Rubber Stock Cutter
* Clicker Press
* Hydraulic Molding Machine
* Injection Molding Machine
* LSR Injection Machine
* Automatic Extrusion Machilne
* Large-sized Compression Molding Machine
* Rolling Mills & Calenders Machinery
* Precision Rubber Slicer (Performer)
* Post Cure Over

Chiao Ying's Testing Equipments, included:

* Rehometer Tester
* Tensile Strength Tester
* Akron Abrasion Tester
* Flex-Cracking Tester
* Aging Tester
* Ozone Aging Tester
* Friction/Peel Tester
* Laser Scan Micrometer (LSM)
* Rebounce Tester
* Key Pad Conductive Tester
* Mooney Tester
* Profile Projector
* Electrostatic Fieldmeter
* Hardness Tester (ASTM Shore A)
* Hardness Tester (ASTM Shore 00)
* Hardness Tester (ASTM Shore D)
* Hardness Tester (JIS A)
* Compress and Deformation Tester
* Accelerated Weathering Tester
* Calipers (from 155mm to 800mm)
* Height Gage
* Surface Roughness Tester
* Torque Tester
* Electronic Densi Meter